About Sacred Geometry in Magick

Strains of power are used to attach points with each other, forming a bond, the place Vitality could journey in both route. Like The purpose, the line of force is perceived while in the mind, but might not truly exist as a Bodily phenomenon.

It is actually my pleasure to dedicate this site and the remainder of San Graal towards the superb memory of my father, Ray Stevenson Flowers, Sr. who unwittingly taught me the intricacies of Sacred Geometry simply by investing some time drawing and describing the various sides of the world of metaphor crafted close to the usage of a compass as well as a straight edge. He also coined the expression Phi Harmonics resulting from a small plastic flute that he gave me once we thought of enjoying the songs of Phi (in reference to the drawing higher than). I might also choose to thank Drunvalo Melchizedek for his teachings in regards to the Flower of Everyday living and Sacred Geometry in general. It absolutely was Dru who taught me to keep in mind the teachings of my father. All visuals by Donald Rose, Jr. apart from in which mentioned with A great deal assist by those who ended up academics.

Quintedecim Complicated - This structure contains an outer dice (working with cross angular characteristics) combined with an interior circle set having a septagram talisman. On top of the inner circle is set a tetrahedral gateway. The septagram talisman is used to invoke all seven planetary intelligences, skilled by one of several twelve zodiacal aspects (aspect and triplicity), and these are generally fused into union throughout the tetrahedral gateway, joining the intelligences and the cubic elemental envelope to formulate and create a spiritual intelligence.

A spiral is normally drawn by using a wand, Except it can be accompanying an invoking or banishing pentagram, then the dagger is applied. The following 4 spirals are made by a the features of emphasis and direction.

Rose Cross - this cross has an extended base that provides it five parts in place of four, so the aspect or attribute of spirit is now not concealed or implied. The rose is definitely an invoking spiral that's superimposed in excess of the middle on the cross, where by the five components are joined to form a hidden sixth.

Pythagoras was a rebel, so they say, and kept the Dodecahedron a top secret. His reason, it seems, was to help keep the secrets of your Universe through the frequent individuals, or perhaps the religious leaders, mainly because it yielded consciousness strategies, that if identified, would change the histories and the way in get more info which during which we viewed our personal Mortality.

Interesting enough, each of the basic shapes is often collapsed into ten fundamental configurations, Probably just one for every on the 10 Sephiroth with the Tree of Daily life. 5 in the designs conform to what's famously generally known as the Platonic Solids, which would provide them with a specific Factor attribute.

In human beings it may be noticed during the pattern of DNA or perhaps the cornea of the eye. It are available while in the art and architecture individuals have made. Geometric kinds were being Employed in the look of early websites, and may be observed in different types of architecture.

At the middle of the world, which can be also gentleman, There's a synthesis, an equilibrium with the 6 directions that is certainly in the three spatial sections as well as a neutral Heart. AOR

Line - this device is called a line of drive, considering the fact that it is the linear composition that connects two points or two characteristics. A line of drive is drawn that has a pointer, similar to the finger, wand or dagger, and characterizes that an Power conduit has been drawn and set up.

It’s not merely the text we discuss, it’s also the tones as well as the frequencies that we use once we discuss which could develop into strong movers

Devoid of concern, deduction and polarity, wisdom gets to be the better teacher, as a result we go in our other withins, sure that a thing just isn't about to occur together and alter us. We have nothing to discover outside the house ourselves, This is actually the axiom from the doctrine on the Anthropocosmos.

Whenever a rose, or invoking spiral, is superimposed about The purpose exactly where the loop, the arms and foundation sign up for, it symbolizes the power of the life force that is definitely fully activated and empowered. A rose ankh is usually a proper symbol of the feminine godhead. In addition, it tasks a feminine, magnetic and mesmerizing force that is certainly affiliated with the descending grace on the sacramental godhead.

Pyramids, spirals, mandalas, crosses and stars comprise just a little sampling in the sacred styles employed by spiritual systems around the world.

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